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About Steve

Hey art lovers!

I am a self taught oil painting artist and create fine art out of Ontario, Canada. My painting process provides me with an opportunity to use the same steps to create wildlife paintings, seascape paintings and landscape paintings. Please visit my shop for original art or consider starting your collection with giclée prints.


From the time I saw my mentor, Patricia Marie Carroll (nee Bearns), hang a painting of a beautiful grotto on our neighbor's wall I knew I would paint as well. Her composition provided me with an opportunity to feel I was actually gazing out of the grotto watching the Atlantic ocean throw its weight up onto the rocks. It was mesmerizing and left me feeling like I could feel the spray of the breaking waves hit my face. 


As a mentor, her advice to me came in many different hues and tones but they always painted the same composition... 'dig deep and challenge yourself to always improve and embrace learning opportunities during your art journey'. I have lived by these words my entire life. She taught me that wherever my art is displayed it will always represent a part of me. I believe it represents a part of my her as well.


It would be my great honor to have my art hanging in your home, business or office space.  


Steve Carroll - Artist
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